4 Excellent Travel Insurance Policies You Must Know

Description: Looking for the best travel insurance policies? Take a look at the 4 best travel insurance policies for maximum coverage and added benefits.

Once you sort all your priorities out, the next step is to choose the most suitable travel insurance. There are few essential guidelines to look at such as focusing on the basic coverage, coverage limits and medical exclusions. However, the task does not stop there. Since there are a myriad of insurance providers out there, you may have a hard time picking the best one.

If you have been swamping with different choices, let this article narrow down your list to 4 most prominent travel insurance policies, which provide the necessary coverage with lavish coverage limits and excellent customer service.

The 4 Perfect Travel Insurance Policies You Shouldn’t Miss

Best option for families: Travelex Insurance Services 

The reason why Travelex Insurance Services is the best selection for families is due to its free-coverage policy for children under 18. That means if you have a four-member family, in which two of them are kids under 18, you will probably have a coverage policy for four people.

The coverage policy is the highlight of Travelex Insurance Services. For medical coverage, you can get up to $50.000 and $500.000 for emergency evacuation. If you want to upgrade your insurance policy, there are options which help you enlarge your existing coverage limits. The most popular choice is the medical upgrade, which allows you to increase your medical coverage up to $100.000.

For a safe family trip, nothing is better than Travelex Insurance’s plan.
Additionally, Travelex Insurance Services offers the best customer service. You will experience no pushing, no inappropriate talking or personal data inquiry without your consent. According to A.M. Best, the company receives an A++ for the most insurance company concerning finance.

The downside of Travelex’s policy is that the minimum coverage is too low for the basic travel plan. Their basic plan only offers an amount of $15.000 for medical coverage and completely lack choices for extreme outdoor activities or free cancellation. As a result, you may have to pay extra in order to get thorough coverage.

Best for single travellers: John Hancock

John Hancock also provides top-notch coverage limits and customer service. For standard travel plan, you get trip reimbursement in case it is cancelled and 24/7 emergency service. If you encounter any annoyance such as flight delay, you will get no more than $150 for a day to for food and other costs. The basic travel plan offers generous medical coverage up to $50.000 and $250.000 for emergency evacuation.

The emergency service which provides 24/7 assistance will make sure that all your requests and claims are received. The staff is extremely approachable and helpful, who will assist you with any questions regarding coverage. Moreover, John Hancock provides an easy-to-understand contract, which clearly states what they offer and what they exclude under specific circumstances.

John Hancock is the ultimate choice for solo travellers.
The drawbacks, however, are quite significant. John Hancock may not be the families-friendly travel insurance provider since they do not offer free coverage for children under 18. That means in many cases; you have to buy a discrete policy for your kids. Furthermore, this company provides no coverage for extreme outdoor activities. In this case, you should consider other insurance providers that offer this type of coverage. However, for a solo traveller who doesn’t ask for much, John Hancock is the ultimate choice.

Best for hazardous sports lovers: IMG

If you are a risk taker, chances are you need to look deeper inside the insurance world in order to find out which travel insurance policy gives you the maximum benefits. IMG is an example. The company offers iTravelInsured LX, which precisely aims at travellers who love exotic destinations and extreme activities, provides coverage of $10.000 for search and rescue.

IMG’s policy is best for people who go for exotic travel and dangerous sports.
The plan also covers for injuries from rock climbing or any other extreme sports. The medical coverage is substantial, offering up to $500.000 for medical treatment. Additionally, the plan allows you to add up to $1000 for emergency evacuation coverage to ensure your safety under any circumstances.

What makes people hesitate to purchase IMG’s policy is when it comes to reimbursement. For flight delays, you must wait up to 12 hours, and for baggage claims, the waiting time can be extensive, up to 24 hours. Though the downside is light, one shouldn’t take it too lightly. All in all, IMG’s policy is best for people who go for exotic travel and dangerous sports.

Best for extended trips: Allianz

Not so many insurance providers provide generous coverage for long-term trips. Allianz is an exception. The OneTrip Premier plan insures your whole trip, including over-6-month ones. Allianz’s policy is most suitable for backpackers, overseas students and long-term travellers.

Extensive travellers should look out for thorough coverage.
Allianz offers various options for travellers, especially those who move extensively for a year. The policy agrees to continue national as well as international coverage within a year. Switching to annual membership, you will save a lot of money and gain far more benefits.

The disadvantage of Allianz’s policy is they provide no free coverage add-on for children in annual plans. Families who travel regularly are forced to buy a discrete travel insurance policy for their kids, which could be a real eyesore sometimes. However, if you go without kids and for an extended period, Allianz is the top option for maximum benefits.

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