The Trouble With Dental Insurance

Meta: Many people have complaints about the quality of dental insurance service. And here are my personal opinion on this subject. Let’s click here to find out why!


I have been asked a lot about dental insurance, and sadly, most of them are complaints. In general, my conversation with the patients is almost about the question: “Why is dental insurance so bad?”. This is why I write this post to share with the answer to this question.

Of course, those complaints stand a point, and I think my patients are right. The coverage is not enough; the fee is too high or strict limitations are the reasons why many people say no to dental insurance. But why so? What’s wrong with the insurance companies? Surprisingly, the truth is: dental insurance creates too little or no profits for those companies, and there are thousands of reasons for that.’


With my firsthand experience, here are my personal views on why dental insurance does not bring about much financial gain, and it is so lousy for decades.  Just remember that these are my personal opinion, no more. And I think that there are many insurance providers, when asked about dental insurance, will share the same reasons as I do here too.

Firstly, let’s date back to the 20th century. Dental insurance started to appear in the early 70s, particularly in 1972, the Delta dental insurance cost $1000, which could buy a lot of services in that time. Nowadays, the dental plans cap is still $1000 on average. Everything has changed, but for the cap, which means after nearly 40 years, the benefits haven’t grown. Though most insurance companies have raised the caps of their other insurances, the dental cap is something that remains.

Dental insurance is claimed as lousy and unacceptable.

But why can’t good dental insurance bring about high profits for insurance companies?

-- People want to make use of dental coverage. The profit for insurance organizations comes from the number of people who DO NOT use the service. This is normal for other sorts of insurance as nobody wants to be involved in a terrible accident. But when offered dental care, no one would miss the opportunity of twice-yearly exams and cleanings, to keep a healthy smile and to save their money as well.

-- The dental problems seem to be more common than other health issues. This is related to the first point above. Almost everyone with dental insurance will go to the dentists regularly each year to use the coverage. On the opposite side, there aren’t many people with typical health insurance that wants to visit the doctor year-by-year.

-- Pre-existing troubles: People tend to ignore their dental issues for years… or until the day they get dental insurance. Then, how can the dental insurance providers deal with multiple problems just in a short time? And how much will a patient need to pay for a lot of dental troubles? I have seen thousands of patients with various problems that need immediate treatment, but couldn’t because of a budget shortage.

-- The overall cost of work is low. It sounds like an advantage, but it is big trouble. Low cost means it is really hard for the company to raise the insurance fee so that they can manage the first point: too many regular dental insurance users. Besides, the insurance covers not only the annual routine but also unexpected serious accidents or health problems. Obviously, for many people, the cost of operation and some days in the hospital would take all of their money. Therefore, health insurance is essential to save your health and your wallet.

However, you might wonder “what is a so-called bad scenario for dental work? ” $5000 per year? I guess when asked how much you are willing to pay the insurance premium, most of you would say “Not much.” Patients do not want to pay so much to protect their teeth, and insurance companies know that everyone would take an annual routine of exams & cleanings if they supply the coverage.
To earn a profit, the charge must be more than the work cost. Therefore, the premium charge will be added to where it is not necessarily doing, due to the worst scenario in which patients can lose a lot of money.

To tell the truth, everything is stuck. To get more profit, the charge from insurance companies must be higher than the expected fee from their customers. So this is the main cause of our current situations: low maximums, waiting periods, no coverage, etc. I don’t like it, and my patients don’t like it too, but there is not much that we can do.


There are no reasonable answers to those problems, but at least from this article, you know why and what is happening out there. I hope that you will make the good decision to protect your dental health with dental insurance. What do you think about those troubles? Let me know in the comment section below, and I will reply as soon as possible if you have any question (except for the “why is dental insurance so bad?” one). Have a nice day!

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