Reviews: Understand The Progressive Auto Insurance Now!

You may hear that Progressive Auto Insurance is one of the best auto insurance companies, but you do not have an idea about this insurer. This is the time to discover right now!

Today, I would like to introduce the Progressive Auto Insurance. This is one of the best auto insurance companies that you should not miss out. Keep on reading, and you will recognize the reason I have to say that!

An overview of the Progressive Auto Insurance Company 

Progressive established in 1937 with the number one drive-in office for claims, became one of the pioneers to reduce rates for drivers with the low risk. Then, the company changed their experience of insurance shopping by offering its comparison rates directly on its website.

Progressive even goes further and continues to search for better ways in order to serve their clients with a personalized and specific Snapshot® program along with a shopping option of Name Your Price® as a car insurance.

Since the beginning of the company, Jack Green and Joseph Lewis desired to provide protection and security for all vehicle owners. Also, they thought that this insurance company could be a potential investment for newbie lawyers.

Progressive instead took an innovative and modern approach to the auto insurance field. The company offered the service of drive-in claims before almost all other companies. Also, it let customers to make their payments of premiums in several installments. This is consider an appealing choice for all people who cannot pay their parts annually. Progressive wanted to make the auto insurance field easy and accessible so everybody might protect their own vehicles.

By 1951, its growth reached a new rank with a new office located in downtown of Cleveland. After that, in 1955, Joe Lewis died and the new CEO was Jack Green with the assistance of Peter Lewis who is the son of Joe. Peter is the first one who looked for some ways to make the company be different from other competitors. Later, Progressive Casualty Company was formed in 1956 with the purpose of supplying auto insurance dedicated for drivers with a high risk. Today, it insures all drivers.

Progressive also has great rankings on the top of the insurance industry that every customer can put their trust in this company. In 2017, Progressive reclaimed the top in the year with an excellent result and a steady growth pace. From 1996 to 2005, it had an average growth rate of 17 percent per annum, raising from $3.4 to $14 billion.

Some insurance products from the Progressive 

Auto insurance 

It is said that Auto Insurance is the Progressive’s original product that they have been providing for nearly 1 century!

They can offer everything you need to form a comprehensive auto policy to liability, collision and other things. Discounts also have a variety of the options given by other certain insurance companies along with a few more uncommon ones. Here are some of the suitable discounts:
  • Safe Driver;
  • Defensive Driving Course;
  • Good Student;
  • New Vehicle;
  • In-storage discount (up to 90%);
  • Military Installation for cars kept on military bases;
  • Loyalty 
Furthermore, they also have roadside assistance and guaranteed renewal when you meet simple ability requirements. Though collector car insurance is underwritten by a different firm, it is still accessible. Therefore, Progressive Auto Insurance is the best auto insurance companies in these days.

Homeowner’s insurance 

There are various insurances that you want to choose from such as single-family dwellings, condos, mobile homes, etc. Moreover, they can offer other features like:
  • Full renewal cost coverage for the home self;
  • Individual property coverage of the home’s insured worth;
  • Identity theft coverage;
  • Coverage for valuation costs charged by condo associations;
  • Personal liability coverage
Moreover, along with ensuring owner-occupied dwellings, USAA writes rental property coverage which meets the requirements of landlords. In the USAA, coverage includes dwelling protection, liability, and loss of income from a home which is empty during repairs underneath a covered loss.

Renter’s insurance

This is made to cover the personal property for those who are living in a rental property. It also gives tenants liability coverage, other benefits, and features. As most renters do not need to use structure coverage, this policy is quite reasonable (in price) with other policy discounts.

Life insurance

The company has a foundation range of life insurance products available and meets the needs of military personnel by providing life policies which do not have the basic war exclusion. Life products have 4 major kinds which are term life, the military term, whole, and universal.

Extra policies offered 

  • Life insurance;
  • Renters;
  • Homeowners;
  • Rental Property;
  • Valuable Personal Property;
  • Flood Insurance;
  • Annuities;
  • Umbrella insurance;
  • Small business insurance

Progressive insurance package is available for…

All insurance packages of the Progressive are suitable for policyholders who are related to the military. In other words, you should be dynamic, retired or separated member of the United States Armed Forces to meet the needs of policy. These also expand to veterans and candidates in commissioning programs. Spouses, former spouses, and children of Progressive members are also available to gain policies.


Progressive gives online quotes and over-the-phone services, but you need to log in the customer portal to get quotes. By doing this, it is much more difficult to compare to a shop. Nonetheless, it can avoid providing quotes to those who are not available for the products, but they may not recognize it.

Due to the specific market for Progressive, they do not have to show up on comparison shopping sites. If it were not for their main advertising presence in recent years, patrons would not even realize they existed.

Like other insurance firms, Progressive commits big savings about $400 each year for those who want to adjust. It is said that the company has a good reputation for providing affordable car insurance rates and they also have an excellent list of discounts which are really to support the packages keep rates down.

Find out complaints from customers to Progressive

You may surprise that Progressive had fewer than other companies at home, life, and auto insurance according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It had about the average number of auto insurance complaints.

Benefits of using coverage from Progressive

  • Reasonable insurance rates
  • Good customer service
  • Fast claims adjustment and approval 

Weak points when choosing Progressive Insurance Company

  • Lack of local representatives (all communication undertaken on the phone or online platform)
  • Limited users (military members, chosen government agencies, and their families can use the policy)

Final Words

Progressive is a greatly rated insurance company that is always ranked at the top for customer satisfaction. They are typically recognized for good rates and provide a good list of discounts through the board on their several products. Generally speaking, they are one of the best auto insurance companies in the country.

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