Reviews: ALLSTATE Car Insurance

Comparing auto insurance companies and considering Allstate? You have come to the right place. Here is our review on Allstate, check out now to find out if it is suitable to insure your car.

Although Allstate offers a wide range of financial services, it is arguably the best-known among auto insurance companies. Before deciding if you should entrust Allstate with your hard-earn money, let’s take a peek at the company to know more about how its work and whether it is suitable for you.

Allstate Overview

Allstate long history dates all the way back to 1931. It used to be part of the giant Sears, Roebuck, & Co. and it was named after a Sears’ brand of tires. Allstate comprises of 9.93% share of the auto insurance market and ranks at third position behind State Farm and GEICO. The company sells through a large network of captive and local agents resulting in a higher premium but better customer service and personalized insurance.

Allstate has earned Better Business Bureau’s accreditation and an impressive rating of A+. The company is also highly regarded (another A+ rating) by A.M. Best Company for its financial strength.

Who is Allstate for?

One size does not fit all and Allstate is not for everyone. Choose Allstate if you tick most of following boxes:
  • In short of time and can use the assistance of an agent: Allstate sells through local agents and it does that for a good reason. Such structure allows the company to offer personalized insurance solution based on the agents’ knowledge of the community. These agents will be your best friend if you have to file a claim and in huge assistance if you have gaps in your coverage.
  • Qualify for discounts: Allstate is not famous for offering cheap premium but even if you do not have a deep pocket, Allstate has other policies to make its coverages affordable for you. Some of the companies’ discounts are good driver discount, retire discount, and farmer discount. 
  • Care more about getting a reliable coverage than a cheap price: Allstate has some very innovative programs that you can benefit from such as Drivewise and Allstate’s Claim Satisfaction Guarantee. They do not come with a cheap price at first but you can count on them in the emergency. 

Benefits of using Allstate’s car insurance 

Allstate has a solid standing among auto insurance companies because of its numerous benefits its customers are offered:

Allstate accident forgiveness program

Basically, this program ensures that your rate will not go up after your first road traffic accident. A clean driving record is essential for a cheap car insurance rate. In fact, your premium will likely to go up if you have an accident, whether it is your fault or not, and you will be labeled higher-risk. However, it is not the end of the day if you have been involved in one with this coverage. Allstate will make sure that your premium will not increase as the result of the unfortunate incident. But bear in mind that you may get away with a higher premium but you will probably lose the safe driver discount.

Auto insurance companies have their own circumstances in which you qualify for their programs. At Allstate, the accident forgiveness is offered if you upgrade to the company’s YourChoice Auto plan.

Allstate safe driving bonus

Allstate insured drivers who have no accidents, no claims, and no moving violations for over six months can receive a check in the mail for up to 5% of their total premium.

This check is applied only on renewal premium and comes with a few requirements:
  • You must enroll in Allstate’s YourChoice Auto plan.
  • To be qualified for the above plan, you must have a clean driving record and good insurance credit score.
  • Remain as an Allstate’s policyholder.

Allstate’s deductible reward

One of the things insurers care about the most is how likely you will get into road traffic accidents and they would be much happy to reward you for being a safe driver. To be considered qualified for the plan; you must maintain a moving-violation-free history for a certain period of time. After that, for each year of being a safe driver, a sum of money will be taken off your deductibles.

Each company has their own policies for this plan but you can be on the Allstate’s Deductible reward program by simply signing up the company’s car insurance.

Allstate new car replacement program

A severe accident that totals your new car is a huge financial pain even if you have collision coverage. The amount of money will be less than what you paid for the car because insurers only compensate you by your car’s market value, and by the time the incident happens, your vehicle might have lost more than half of its value.

With this program, you will receive an amount equivalent to your car current model year; as long as it is totaled within the first three years of owning it.


Allstate offers up to 3% discount if you use its Drivewise app, a program that monitors and analyzes your general behavior on the road, including your speed, brake, and the time you drive. Even people who are not Allstate policyholders can enroll in this program, but it is not available in every state.


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