Do you really love your pets?

When you embrace your doggie, moggie, Rottweiler, Lowchen, Persian, Savannah, and/or other companion animals as full-fledged family members, you may breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will not need to go to university or go on a luxury sightseeing tour. However, your precious furry kids still require some investment, not just simply in healthy food to eat, fashionable clothes to wear, a right bed to sleep in, or oodles of toys to play with, but also things like flea and tick treatments as well as regular vet care.

Yet, according to the latest survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association’s Pet Owners, an estimated number of 2.7 million dogs (about 3 percent) and 1 million cats (about 1 percent) in the United States are covered by a pet insurance policies. And the total amount of dogs and cats covered by pet insurance in the United States accounts for only 2 percent of the total number of dogs and cats nationwide (about 184 million).

In this article, I want to share with you five important reasons why your pets need pet insurance as soon as possible:

Pet insurance covers unforeseen accidents and illnesses

Pet insurance covers unforeseen accidents and illnesses
It goes without saying that living with your furry friends means your daily life is full of little surprises, sometimes happy, funny, and memorable and other times not. If they unluckily ever get sick, develop an illness, or run into really serious trouble with an accident or a fight with the neighborhood possum, they will also take a major chunk out of your budget. In these unexpected cases, vet bills could cost up to thousands of dollars. And it is pet insurance that saves pet owners from using high-interest credit cards, dipping into their family’s emergency fund, borrowing money or worse, and reimburses them on their veterinary bills. Usually, pet insurance coverages reimburse up to four-fifths of costs after deductibles.

In some worse scenarios, for instance, your older friend needs surgery or expensive medical treatment to pull through, you do not have to make the most heartbreaking decision like choosing euthanasia as you cannot afford to pay the bill. And thanks to pet insurance coverage, you are free to base your costly medical options available purely on what is best for your companion animals.

Regular visits to the veterinarian will keep your pet healthier for life

Regular visits to the veterinarian will keep your pet healthier for life
 Not only being helpful when you are faced with an unexpected vet bill, but pet insurance also helps extend your pet's life. Your kitten or cat and your dog or puppy deserve the best vet recommended treatment without financial worry, and you deserve the peace of mind.

Just like humans, your dogs and cats can also develop chronic illnesses such as allergies, pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and cancer which can be easily and quickly recognized in the regular vet visits. Needless to say, as your pets ages, the more frequently they are brought to a veterinarian, the longer, happier, and healthier life they will have.

If you do not want your pets to do face a life or death situation when they are still young and end up yourself costing lots of money between medications, surgeries, and tests, don’t hesitate to carry pet insurance. Insurance companies always offer a lot of plans, and with pet insurance, you can choose treatments for your ailing or injured pets depending on the best medical decisions available and not restricted based on family finances. However, before deciding which policy to go for, it is crucial to know precisely your pets’ needs and what kind of plan you have!

Veterinary costs are rising 

Costs for operations, treatments, and even routine care are increasingly growing in cost, but for good reasons. It is because of the more and more new advanced technologies gradually becoming available to make your full-fledged family members’ lives easier all the time. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent an estimated $$17 billion on veterinary care in 2017, a 7% increase from 2016.

Not carrying pet insurance, pet owners cannot be able to afford the best course of treatment including digital x-rays, tiny cameras, better arthritis treatments, and rehabilitation techniques right when your no-brainers need them most. If you really love your pets, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an accident will be covered is more important than the costs you have to pay monthly/annual for pet insurance coverages.

You can customize your plan

 As I have said, if you know well your pet needs before being faced with unanticipated vet visits, these treatment recommendations could not be out of your reach. You can tailor your own plans. They are personally customized to fit each owner’s needs and budget. Whether it is general checkups such as teeth cleaning and vaccinations or cancer treatments, prescription drug coverage, accident coverage, and even emergency care, you can choose which kind of plans to protect your pet better.

Pet insurance is easy to use

Although not coming cheap (like the advances in human medicine), pet insurance is pretty easy to use. Firstly, pet insurance policies allow your pet to have the veterinarian of your choosing. Easy-to-be-reimbursed is one of the biggest benefits of carrying pet insurance. To receive the reimbursement of qualified expenses, all you have to do is to provide the insurance company the veterinary bill.

Moreover, thanks to the number of 10 companies currently selling pet insurance in the USA, it is simple and easy to file a claim. You can do it online in a minute or two.

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