Bear in mind advice from Car insurance expert for a smooth winter drive

Get the best tips from expert on how to ensure your winter drive run smoothly with the assistance of auto insurance. 

Come winter means the weather is definitely more inclement. Not only should you take care of your health, of course, your loved ones as well, by adding more the numbers of layers to keep you warm and having a balanced diet to ensure your body can survive through this harsh weather, but more importantly you should be on high alert whenever you are driving.

When snow covers almost every road, every corner you come, it's also time to challenge your driving ability as fatal accidents can easily occur under this kind of weather.

The fact is the percentage of car crashes in winter is by far highest in the comparison with other seasons during a year. Read the lowdown below on how to have the best winter drive. This article will show the tips from experts.

1. Hole up in your house if roads are nearly unreachable.

Don’t force yourself to step out of the house during the storm. Staying at home, seeking out something else to do are somehow the ultimate choices if Mother Nature doesn’t allow you to go out.  Depend on how important your appointment is, put it on your back-burner if it is not too crucial, as it will be relatively dangerous to make your way to somewhere outside of the house under this kind of weather. Every time you are behind the wheel, unpredictable accidents can happen. Hence, driving under the storm, you are increasing the level of alert to a higher position yourself. So delaying your appointment few hours due to this undeniably extraordinary weather cannot accuse you of an irresponsible person.

However, keep in mind that car insurance companies are totally able to have reasonable grounds for denying your claim because of your car accident happening in a storm. Aside from the term of safety, you will be disadvantageous as you won’t receive the financial support.

In another case, when the government strictly imposes a ban on commuting on roads, but you still drive out. Once more time, the detrimental person is absolutely you because the car insurers will deny your claim with the reason of finding guilty for contributory negligence.

2. If you have to drive even when roads are closed.

In some cases of you can’t help but drive even though the weather is relatively terrible, you should not be fret too much. That’s the reason why Comprehensive insurance coverage is established. We all know that no one encourages us to go out during a bad weather, hence this type of insurance is just optional. You can add it to your auto insurance package if you want. Bear in mind with two highlights from this coverage.

The first one is that it will cover any damage from external factors such as trees, storm, snow, etc and of course you cannot control their sudden appearance.

It also comes with an exceedingly affordable price of less than $100 per year, split for 12 months means you will pay only roughly 8 dollars every month. It cannot be more reasonable.

3. How to tackle the situation of when you are causing damage.

You need a safe place while it is storming and you opt for a parking lot from a building for sheltering. In a confused mental state, unluckily you cause damage due to skidding into a parked car. In this case, Property Damage liability will assist you and it’s also a mandatory package.

Whoever the property belongs to, you don’t need to pay any damage cost if you cause this unwilling accident. However, remember that this cost must be less than the limits of your PD.

In term of politeness, if the owner is not around, don’t forget to leave a note to inform that you will take responsibility for this damage.

4. When your parked car is a victim

In another completely opposite perspective, when someone heedlessly hits your car when you are not available, car insurance will take care of those damages. You can file a claim to Property Damage liability or to another type of coverage of Collision insurance. However, the second option is seemingly easier to do but tips from experts that you should ask your agent first before filing the claim as it will make your rates go up.

With that advice in mind, opt for your suitable auto insurance coverage to have a truly free-worry winter drive.

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