9 Ways to get The best deal on Car Insurance

Reducing auto insurance is not so hard anymore once you have these methods. Check out now to get the best car insurance rate.

The auto insurance market is notoriously competitive and insurers are vying to get a sale. This makes life harder for car owners to decide who is offering the best premium and get the lowest priced quote. Here are 10 ways to make sure you have the best coverage with a reasonable price:

1. Don’t trust everything the commercials tell you.

Many insurance companies pay a hefty bill on commercials, trying to convince would-be customers that they offer the best deal. However, as rates vary according to one’s type of car and personal circumstances, a good coverage level for a person living in a certain place might be the worst deal for another somewhere else. The best advice is to shop around and take your personalinformation into consideration. But you must be careful to compare only the similar options though. One option that appears cheaper than others might not offer you with the same level of coverage when making a claim.

2. Use the multi-policy discount.

Policies bundled up together are always cheaper than insuring each one with a different company. If you have multiple categories to insure, come to one company to maximize the saved amount.

This discount can also go a long way toward covering your young driver. If your teen has a separate auto insurance policy but still lives in the same household with you, his/her car can be added to the discount too.

However, bear in mind that the multi-car discount is only added to each vehicle once. When the policy has the second vehicle, it and the first one will benefit from the discount at that time. On the same token, the third, fourth…vehicles will go the same way while the original vehicle remains with its initial discount.

3. Keep an eye for discounts.

Insurers’ discounts might sound odd the first time you hear about them but they will save you a bunch of money if used properly. Some of the most popular discounts to ask for are student discount, pay anannual or six-month premium in full discount, and homeowner discount.

4. Be a better driver.

Cautious driving is rewarded with less chances of getting into serious road traffic accidents, hence the reward of areduced premium. But how insurers know whether you are a safe or a reckless driver? These auto insurance companies will install a system known as a blackbox to keep track of your behavior on the road. Your speed, your acceleration and brake, and the time you are out are all recorded. Once you have proven yourself a careful driver, your rate will be reduced greatly. This is a good way for young drivers to get cheap car insurance, along with the good student discount. Some insurers even offer this reduction up front when you agree to sign up for a blackbox.

5. Secure your car.

Take measures to protect your cars from potential threats will go a long way toward a cheaper insurance policy. Approved alarms, tracking devices, or immobilizers are some to be named here. Your car may or may not have these as standard so check carefully and declare them to take advantage of a discount.

Leaving your vehicle out on the street is a risky enterprise. It does not only expose your car to the threat of theft but also increases your premium. So keep your insurers happy by driving your car to the safety of the garage to prove that you are a responsible car owner.

6. Check for the extras. 

Your insurance policy might come with a list of extras, which can unnecessarily boost your rate. Some of the most popular extras are windscreen cover, driving abroad cover, and breakdown cover. These are all important things to have but remember to cross check them with your other policies like travel insurance and homeowner’s insurance to make sure you do not pay double for anything.

7. Mind your credit score.

It may be hard to find a correlation between one’s driving and his credit score. But insurers do count on this criterion to forecast one’s future claims. NerdWallet has conducted a thorough research to shed some light on this matter and it found out that people who have gotten into credit troubles have the tendency to face a higher rate than those with a cleaner credit history. Insurers will not base entirely on the credit record to determine whether one deserves the large premium, they use a specific rating known as the credit-based record. So spare yourself the burden of paying extra for insurance because of credit violations by paying bills on time, paying off your credit card, and keep your balance under the limit.

8. Added another driver to your policy.

It is illegal to claim another person the main driver of the car while he or she is not. But adding a secondary driver is allowed. It is no use adding your teenage children or a random driver with a not-so-clean record. If you have bothered using this method, choose someone with experience on the road and a no-claims history.

9. Find a cheap car to insure

Sports cars are to avoid to have a cheap car insurance
You alone are not the sole factor that has an influence on your rate. Your vehicle model plays a significant part in whether you will have cheap car insurance or not. Stay away from thesport, high-end, larger cars, and those that prone to theft if you want to significantly reduce your quote.

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