Wonderful and amazing things it can cover

There are such unexpected and amazing things that you may not know car insurance can cover. What exactly are they? Check out this article to know more.

When it comes to car insurance, are you sure you know everything about it? Or you just consider it because you are asked to have one to legally drive in every state, don’t you?

Anyway, that is just scraping the surface of car insurance. In fact, you can get coverage for pretty much anything as a single car insurance policy may include several types of coverage.
If you study your policy closely, you might be surprised at the value of car insurance. This article will soon show you seven surprising instances that are covered by car insurance.

Pet injury coverage

Firstly, some insurance companies offer special coverage for pets. Pet injury coverage usually comes complimentary with Collision coverage, and if your dog or cat is injured in a car accident, some insurers will help with the cost of its injuries.

For example, Progressive pays up to $1000 to support with veterinary bills and medicine. It is available for Progressive's personal and business auto insurance policies.

Keep in mind that most pet injury insurance applies only to dogs and cats, and only when they’re injured in the car.

To find the best insurance for your pet, you should dig into the details and compare several pet insurance quotes. Pet injury coverage is usually available from companies such as Progressive, Erie, and Chubb or The Hartford.

Lost income after an injury-causing car accident

Secondly, if you get injured and miss work after a car accident that is not your fault, your car insurance company may reimburse you for lost wages. And your eligibility depends on your car insurance and ability to file the claim with clear information.

This benefit is built into the personal injury protection (PIP), which covers injuries for you and passengers no matter who caused the accident. PIP is required in 12 states and optional in eight others.

Anyway, some states may not provide this perk and in other states, you may need to request it. Thus, you should ask your insurance company if the wage reimbursement is included in your PIP coverage since each state has slightly different laws.

Repairs damaged in riots

Thirdly, a good surprise regarding coverage is riots. In case your vehicle gets into the middle of a demonstration or riot and is damaged, your comprehensive insurance will help you pay for those damages.

With comprehensive coverage policy, shattered windows, scratches, dents from kicking feet, and other forms of riot-based vandalism are all covered.

However, this advantage is also built on the kind of car insurance coverage you use and whether or not you are carrying the right kind of policy for your vehicle, thus you should ask insurance agents carefully.

Some natural disasters

This is one more instance which is covered by your auto insurance. In reality, unless you buy special coverage, home insurance doesn’t pay to repairs after earthquakes or floods. Car insurance policy will help you in this case.

Some natural disasters are risks covered under comprehensive auto insurance. Two common coverage options are comprehensive and collision coverage.

The latter normally provides coverage for damages that aren’t related to a collision with your vehicles, such as fire, hail, or flooding.

The former provides protection from damages that may occur while driving your car, such as hydroplaning because of heavy rains.

A buddy’s crash with your vehicle

Fifthly, a general rule is that most insurance policies follow the vehicle, not the driver. If a friend borrows and unfortunately wrecks your car, your car insurance will pay and the claim goes on your record.

Damages caused by your buddies could increase your price at renewal time, and you have to be responsible for crashes that go beyond your liability limits.

In a word, it is important to trust whomever you lend your vehicle and calculate the potential consequences of loaning your car.

Such space debris

This amazing and strange benefit may surprise you. In case, asteroids, meteors or orbiting satellites or their junk, unfortunately, falls on your car, your auto insurance will cover this damage.

Falling objects or debris are included under the optional comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy, thus your restoration would be reimbursed, minus your deductible amount.

As you can see, comprehensive coverage variously pays for theft of your car, as well as for animal collisions, some disasters, and other crashes not from car accidents.

The destructive nature of rodents

Finally, if your car is attacked, with minimal or devastating damage, by rodents, squirrels, mice or chipmunks, your comprehensive insurance may help you recover. Exceptional cases are when your vehicle is in storage or parked on the street.

After all, carrying comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy can protect you and your vehicle from rodent-related damages that are often unforeseen and hard to mitigate.


Those are some common amazing cases that your car insurance policy can cover. No matter how unlikely it seems that an issue will be covered, you are highly recommended to ask your insurance company about these even strange and unbelievable problems; otherwise, you might miss out on financial help to which you’re entitled.

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