The Cost of Car Insurance Continue to Increase after a Claiming

Meta: You will get a headache about the car insurance cost increases, but you should take a deep breath and figure out the solutions. This article will help you count a lot!

Newest numbers divulge the increasing prices of car insurance premiums with cautions of more rises to generate. This surely is bad news for every car owner, but you know this news and how to deal with it plays a key role.

General information 

It is not good news to hear that the cost of car insurance still increases after one claim. Also, it is taking more expensive for all vehicle drivers when the automotive insurance accelerates about 44% in the US.

This is the latest study which indicates this rate over 3 years and it will also create a big hole in all consumer budgets.

Most drivers get a single car insurance claim at least $2,000 which will recognize that the premiums are soaring. This happens a rapid jump around 3% from the last year’s assumptions.  Sending the second claim during a year is more increased by nearly 98% on an average annual premium.

According to the newest database from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) show that the average price of one car insurance package in the US is more than $800. In other words, the soaring price is approximately 44% which gets about $370 prong.

Nevertheless, these inflations are various in the claim category and generally moves to incidents where you are an error. If other drivers hit you, they will have insurance to cover the claim and your rates will not be influenced.

For example, a single bodily injury claim which is occurred when you get wounds to someone due to a car accident. This will increase of 48 percent on an average premium. A single diverse claim which settles up for damage from other accidents like theft or fire will increase less than 2%.

If a car insurance company identify that you send a claim after an accident for which you were on a mistake, you will need to get another claim in the upcoming time. This is a small speech of Mr. Mike Barry – a spokesperson for the non-profit Insurance Information Institute.

He also said that soared premiums are not a penalty, but this is a shift in your threat going on. Most experienced individuals tell automotive insurance providers that a driver has already hit an incident will continue to this in the near future. What does it mean? You are now getting more risk to make sure the accident is bounced back at a new rate or higher!

How to evade paying a premium for your car insurance 

Receive a tow bar fitted

According to a research from the Moneysupermarket claims that taking a tow bar could minimize your premiums about 20%. This is because you are not a true racer and it will be spending a bit of driving time at an average pace.

Consider your occupation 

It is extremely important to recognize that you are honest and true about your occupation; you will need to choose one or two for your title occupation on the car insurance company system. And this will get a different feature from two titles in a job when it comes to the cost of automotive insurance.
For example, a reporter or a journalist can use their car on a regular basis on a certain time only to hunt news for their editorial articles. However, most insurers assume that their main task is writing and they have to stay in their offices for doing that.

If you are retired or a homemaker, choose the exact one of options and you will face higher insurance prices because of your unemployment.

Buy the car insurance before ending expiration 

Some car owners may think that buying in advance or after the expiration is the same one. In fact, they will get different premiums. Never do this job until the last minute! Investing in in a couple of weeks in advance can rescue you pretty much on your finances. Sometimes, you will also get a discount in a promotion program of an insurer.

Participate in a box revolution 

If you are a younger driver, you will reduce the cost when taking part in a box revolution of a car insurance company. You are able to choose an option which is called telematics-based policy.

The firm will put a small device like a smartphone in your car behind the dashboard. Some insurers will require you to use a cellphone application. The tool will be used GPS technology to receiving database about your driving habits to the insurer.

Count the number of drivers

This seems to be weird to undertake, but it is a worthy option to reduce the automotive insurance cost. For example, you buy a new car and you need to purchase the car insurance at the same time.
Do not give your name only because two or more drivers on a car can minimize the price surprisingly.

However, be sure other drivers have a close relationship with you such as husband, parents, children, wife, etc.


Most car owners feel uncomfortable about the car insurance costs for the first claim. Nonetheless, when they find out the manor problems and do with it! Do not postpone because the cost storm could be increased more and more in the forthcoming time.

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