Should We Stay With The Car Insurance Company

Meta: Have you had car insurance? How long have you stayed with it? Does it method bring any good results? Keep reading my article.


There is no doubt that when you buy a car, it is also sensual for you to purchase a car insurance to prepare proactively for accidents. However, when deciding to buy car insurance, you need to take its price into consideration. In this case, many ca owners try to change the car insurance company8 with the hope of getting cheaper cost. Nevertheless, this move turns out to be a bad choice. Of course, staying with the first car insurance company in a long time is a good option. And in my today article, I will explain this statement.

Car insurance companies can stop discounts

Nowadays on car insurance market, many companies still maintain a policy that allows reducing a certain amount of money for you when you get the loyal membership card.

For instance, America and America Group is a well-known car insurance company in the US. It has a good policy to cut down insurance money for car owners who say stay with this company for 5 years.
I'm sure that when you get information from car insurance companies, they will mention about accident forgiveness. Nonetheless, rarely does the company tell you exactly when customers can obtain accident forgiveness, as they want to attract as many customers as possible to raise their revenues each year.

In some companies like Big 5, State Farm, GEICO, All States, you need to stay with these companies for more or less 4 or 5 years to get the accident forgiveness. You can shorten this long time by buying it at GEICO and All States with another price for the first time. However, this way obviously spends much more money than other methods.

Why we should stay with the car insurance company

However, there are some viable ways that can help you to reduce car insurance legally. For instance, instead of choosing monthly payment, you can pay for the policy. Another feasible approach is combining car insurance with rental. It can save up the certain amount of money spent on paying the car insurance. It can save up about 15%.

Of course, if you want to gain accident forgiveness free, you have to stay with a car insurance company for a few years. This is a long period of time. However, if a car accident occurs, insurance forgiveness is very necessary.

Mike Berry, who is a member of a nongovernmental organization cold Insurance Information Institute, indicates that the more you go, the more you have to pay for auto insurance.

However, there is also a debate among different experts on this issue. Some people claim that car insurance is totally unfair to car drivers as someone even drives less than 5000 miles per year. At the meantime, it is necessary for each state' s tax.

Meanwhile, many people would prefer to take a fantasy of public transportation support the opinion of giving profit for those drive less than 5000 miles per year.

The most striking benefit of minimum car insurance is it has an affordable cost compared with the full coverage one. Thus, low and middle incomes can afford to buy it. To drivers who have not had any car accident before, car insurance can totally help you save up more or less 66% of the total price compared to the full coverage car insurance.

Last but not least if you have a high-cost car, I highly recommend you to choose coverage for collision and comprehensive as you can get wanted insurance. When your car is damaged by accident, you can have enough money to repair it.


By and large, when the demand for the car has been rising significantly in recent years, the requirement for car insurance also grows up quickly. Many insurance companies find different ways to attract their customers as many as possible. It is necessary for you to know that staying with your car insurance company in a long time can bring many benefits. Of course, this period takes few years. You should take this point into consideration before deciding to buy a car insurance. I do hope that my today article can help you understand more why we need to stay with the car insurance company in a long time.

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