Is Full Coverage Car Insurance Necessary?

Meta: Have you ever heard of full coverage car insurance? What benefits can it bring to you? Keep reading my today article.


If you want to buy a car insurance,  I'm sure that you have ever heard about full coverage. In fact, full coverage is a policy that ascends the minimum and has all fundamental features of car insurance. When deciding to buy car insurance in the US, of course, you should have basic understandings of full coverage. And my today article will help you insight into this issue.

Background of full coverage car insurance

As l said above, full coverage car insurance is a multi-aspected policy because it is related to some elements such as liability of bodily injury (BI), the liability of property damage (PD), and insurance for the motorist, collision, and insurance for personal injury prevention (PIP).

BI and PD are two components of full coverage car insurance, which you used to pay for damage and injuries. BI mainly focuses on bodily injury and PD is concerned with damages. If you have a car accident, of course, you will have some money for compensation.

The second main component of full coverage car insurance includes collision comprehensive and insurance for personal injury prevention.

If you cause damages to your own can, you can have a certain amount of money. At the meantime, external damage, which is caused by tornado, storm, lightning and other natural disasters, will be covered by comprehensive car insurance.

Meanwhile, PIP is used to pay for an injury and medical care of the clinic or hospital. In general full coverage car insurance makes sure that you can get a profit.

Why you should buy full coverage car insurance

Apparently, no one wants to have any car accident as it leaves behind a lot of serious impact on body and vehicle. Nevertheless, you also need to prepare for possible outcomes.

After having car accidents, you will certainly overcome terrible time. When you report the accident to car insurance company, you need to tell the truth. This helps the car insurance company decide which degree of injury.

There is no doubt that full coverage of car insurance has more superior benefits than basic one. If you only buy a basic insurance, when a car accident happens, you'll have to spend lots of time reporting it and overcome the complicated process. You also need to hire a lawyer to help you get compensation from the car insurance company.

And additionally, basic insurance cannot help you get enough the amount of money you want. Meanwhile, full coverage car insurance has a much smoother process. You can save up your time as much as possible. If you use full coverage car insurance, you can get money for both of the body and your car.

Another benefit of full coverage insurance is that you don't need to prove any fault related to the car accident. This is totally a plus point for the full coverage car insurance.

Cost of full coverage car insurance

Despite all strong points above, there is one disadvantage of full coverage car insurance. Apparently, it is expensive. If you were a teenager under 17 years old, you have to pay $7,000 to buy a full coverage car insurance. At the meantime, the corresponding figure for over 30 years old is $1,520.
However, there are some feasible ways to cut down the cost of full coverage car insurance. The first approach is reducing a certain amount of money needed for collision and comprehensive case. Thanks to this, you can cut down a monthly payment for car insurance.

Of course, if you have a special condition with a good policy, you can cut down 20% of the payment.


General speaking, car insurance is very important to our daily life. You need to understand about it before deciding to buy car insurance. Of course, you also should choose the full coverage of car insurance. You need to take both pros and cons of full coverage of car insurance into consideration to have a better choice. In my view, full coverage of car insurance is very important. I hope that my article helps you learn more about it.

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