Five reasons why you should add PIP or MedPay to your car insurance coverage

Not mandatory but why PIP or MedPay is still a well-trodden choice of many car insurance purchasers. Let’s figure out.

None of us expects accidents occurring in our life as its consequence we have to sustain maybe worse than anything we can imagine. It’s considered as something unfortunate and everyone is all trying to lessen its occurrence as much as we can. However, future is an extraordinary field and we are not able to be marvelous enough to predict (in term of human being). The fact is nasty things can happen anytime and motor or car accidents are some.

Regarding of bearing damage, medical costs should be taken into account. That’s the reason why car insurance was born as it’s taking contribution to supporting victims to tackle financial concern or at least ensuring a free-worry drive for their customers.  In fact, car insurance comprises of three major parts as a rule and our today article will figure out two of them, which are PIP (personal injury protection) and MedPay (Medical payments).

First of all, bear in your mind that PIP and MedPay are relatively beneficial as they can cover for not only your injury and even yours passengers. If you are still questioning why we should prioritize these types of coverage and why they are not less as important as health insurance, read on to get more details and have a better grasp.

1. How to address the issue if your health insurance company suddenly denies your claim.

Even you purchased a no-claim package from some health insurance companies, unexpected risks can still happen.  It can be understood that they are able to not approve your claim when you, unfortunately, suffer a car crash. This problem is stemmed from the long-winded policy that you cannot have enough time or be patient enough to scour in every detail. Your company, of course, can have some “reasonable” provisions to prohibit your claim. It means you may run out of money due to paying an unbearable hospital bill.

Fortunately, you will receive compensation immediately right after filing your claim to car insurance company. The car insurers will take responsibility for paying your bills at the hospital and the highlight is that you don’t need to point out who causes the accident.

2. Your passengers also get the coverage

In case you are a taxi or coach driver and you drive with a lot of passengers behind frequently. Car insurance is definitely a must as health insurance will not cover for your passengers. However, the fact is that these people or their family always expect you, a driver, be responsible for paying their medical bills. Many of them will think that the driver is someone who caused the accidents.

The superb news is PIP or MedPay will be in charge of handling that concern about the medical cost for you. Perhaps you may or may not trust but this coverage is ready to cover the bills for your passengers as well if they unluckily sustain injuries, which are serious or even just petty, in the crash.

3. Who pays for the funeral costs? 

No word can describe more exact the sadness of the devastating loss than newly bereaved families. The degree of confusion will be increased when you have to bear a not-little amount of money for the funeral as this cost can be up to thousands of dollars.

However, PIP and MedPay are once more time doing an excellent job of taking care your life and your loved ones by reducing the financial burden. Because the auto insurance coverage will cover all or a part of your funeral costs, or even any party else involved, in case of you are out of luck to die in a car accident.

4. Everything is up to you. 

The pocket money on PIP and MedPay that you spend will be well worth your future. The fact is with around 200 $ for this coverage added to your car insurance, you are building on your medical budget thousands of dollars. But they are optional types of insurance so it totally depends much on your choice. Before giving the buying decision you should question yourself first that whether or not you are willing to have a sense of extra protection for your life.

5. What is the highlight of PIP?

A one and only feature of PIP, not packed with MedPay, is that this type of coverage will offer your lost wages. However, take into consideration that it just works for the case you suffer injuries from an unexpected car crash and you miss a lot of time from work. If you are experiencing the work absence and worried about the valuable money you cannot get due to the respite. Stop being with your stomach in knots, PIP will be in charge.

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