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Think of an insurance company for your cheap car? Liberty Insurance Company is probably the best auto insurance companies to solve your issue right away!

We all face several styles of risks such as a risk of meeting with an accident, falling sick, being a victim of a natural disaster or hearth, and especially the risk of the life of these risks not solely escort pain and suffering other factors.

Insurance is a technique of being ready for the worst; it offers the surety that the economic a part of the pain is going to be taken care of.

The key point here is you should find and take into account a reputable insurance company that you can reduce some unexpected incidents in the upcoming time.

Liberty Insurance Company is one of the best firms which I am going to introduce to you; especially if you are looking for the auto insurance companies.

An overview of Liberty Insurance Company

Insurance helps the U.S. to try and do specifically what this quote supported in 1912; they tend to area unit a worldwide leader in property and casualty insurance, targeted on protective and conserving the lives and dreams of shoppers than thirty countries.

With over 15,000 employees throughout the globe, they provide you the possibility to figure for evolving, growing company with a deep sense of humanity and a commitment to diversity and financial aid.

Liberty Mutual is that the nation’s third-largest home underwriter and seventh-largest motor vehicle underwriter supported direct premiums written in 2016. Additionally to home and motor vehicle insurance, Liberty Mutual offers a massive array of non-public and industrial insurance policies.

Be a part of their team and visit work knowing that what you are doing matters because it is great for you when you purchase your coverage in the auto insurance companies.

Some main auto packages that you should not miss out

Liberty Mutual offers commonplace automobile policies to that you will add many styles of non-mandatory coverage, including:

Accident forgiveness

Your premium will not increase as a result of your initial accident. This coverage is not on the market in California, and it will vary by States.

New automotive replacement

If your automotive is destroyed within the initial year and initial 15000 miles, you will be reimbursed the price of a brand new automotive, not simply the depreciated worth.

Better automotive replacement takes new automotive replacement a step further

If your automotive is destroyed at any age or mileage, you will be reimbursed for an automotive one year newer and with 15,000 fewer miles on that than you're destroyed automotive.

Deductible fund

Liberty Mutual reduces your collision deductible by $100 once you add this feature to your policy and another $100 each year at the moment. If you do not have an accident, the deductible does not go up.

Teachers’ motor vehicle Insurance could be a distinctive giving from Liberty Mutual. It comes at no further value to lecturers and includes:

Vandalism loss protection

No deductible if your vehicle is vandalized throughout faculty-related events or on school property.

Personal property coverage

Liberty Mutual can reimburse you up to $2,500 per incidence if your teaching materials or school-owned property area unit taken or broken whereas in your vehicle

Collision coverage

There is no deductible if your automotive is broken in the accident whereas driving it for college business. In Pennsylvania, a $100 deductible applies.

Features, benefits, and discounts clients may find when investing in the auto policy 

Accident Forgiveness 

Your initial accident will not increase your premium (this is not accessible in CA or NC).

New automotive Replacement

If you total automotive within the initial year of possession, you'll be paid for the replacement price of an innovative automotive. Your policy deductible still applies and chartered autos area unit excluded. This feature is not suitable in some American states.

Better automotive Replacement 

This can be optional associate coverage that permits you to interchange your automotive with one that's one year newer if the vehicle has fewer15,000 miles.

Unlimited Rental 

Whereas most firms supply rental coverage, Liberty Mutual offers one thing slightly totally different. You have unlimited rental coverage as long as your automotive is repaired at a Liberty Mutual-approved repair center.

Multi-Policy Discount

This discount is offered if you ensure each home and automotive with Liberty Mutual.

Mechanical elements Replacement

Mechanical elements replacement coverage means regardless of however previous your car’s elements area unit, they are coated after you have associate accident associated your automotive is repaired at an approved shop.

Car screen repairs

The corporate will schedule screen repair at your convenience as long as you have comprehensive or glass coverage. Somebody will start off to your home, place of employment or another convenient location.

Towing/Labor supporting 

This can be accessed with the towing/labor coverage and accessible twenty-four hours daily. With the towing or labor choice, Liberty Mutual can pay the whole towing charge if your cheap car is towed to the closest repair facility approved by the corporate.

Things I like

  • Great financial ratings 
  • Good customer service
  • Reasonable car insurance premiums 
  • Gorgeous features and discounts 

Things I do not like 

  • Not available accident forgiveness option in California or North Carolina
  • Not suitable new car replacement choice in North Carolina or Wyoming
  • Not good in the claim procedures (it is so difficult to obtain approval for car repairs)
  • Lack of main discounts offered by other carriers like good student discounts, discounts for military individual 

Payment options when buying a package 

Credit Card or Bank Account: you will be able to pay on-line employing a MasterCard and banking account info or pay by phone. Payment method will take about 1 to 2 business days.

Automatic Payments: you will have automatic payments online exploitation your MasterCard or checking account. These payments have unit processed in a time period.

Online Banking: Have payments sent to Liberty Mutual from your checking account. An interval is 1-2 days.

Mail payments to ATTN: remittal process, a hundred Liberty approach, Dover, New Hampshire 03821-7500. An interval is 1-2 days upon receipt.


Selecting the best auto insurance companies requires some effort from the person shopping for one policy.

Most home-owners insurance policies are similar; Liberty Mutual have different packages for buyers. When folks have a way of security, they choose the insurance to cut down risk. This is often the sensation Liberty Mutual Insurance Company brings to the planet on a daily basis!

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