Reviews: USAA Auto Insurance Review 2018: Is It For You?

USAA Auto Insurance is worth considering for your various insurance needs. Not only that, but they’re also well-known for great values and affordable rates.

Known as a highly-ranked auto insurance company that just shines much in most consumer’s surveys recently, USAA company is seen as another great option for simplifying bill payment and organizing things.

Obviously, relying on the auto insurance part of what this firm offers is ideally good, but is it for you? Let’s read our comprehensive review to decide for yourself!

Who are eligible for USAA Auto Insurance?

Unlike other insurance firms, which usually provide affiliate discounts, USAA is recognized not to serve only one population. In other words, to obtain this insurance from the company, you must be eligible without a doubt!

First of all, only policyholders linked to the military are eligible for auto insurance of USAA company. Not just that, you’re also required to be dynamic, retired, or honorably detached member of the United States Armed Forces. Who’s else?

Also, this condition spreads out to any veteran and candidate in their commission program. Furthermore, spouses and kids who are the members of USAA are said to qualify for getting policies. And guess what? All academy cadets or those who are the parts of Reserve Officers Training Corps are just the qualified ones.

Last but not least, USAA insurance company has catered to the members of some government agencies, too. However, a few of these rules have become a bit different lately, so it’s highly recommended to decide whether you’re eligible or not.

Highlights of USAA Auto Insurance 

By offering some features that some other firms just can’t, USAA Auto Insurance is stated to offer their clients another generous policy as accident forgiveness. They tend to forgive after five years of membership without needing to raise the insurance premiums.

Aside from the typical auto policy, the customers are allowed to buy the extensive auto protection, insurance for their motorbikes, RV insurance, and the one for boats. As for the drivers who store the vehicles at force bases are capable of getting the 15% discount on their whole coverage in every State.

Delivering the best customer service, fast claims, and prompt adjustment approval in different client surveys are what USAA company can do to gain higher scores. Besides, filing a certain claim with the agency here feels a bit direct in the entire process. Its clients would make calls availing the special hotline.

Meanwhile, some people decide to download an app from their mobiles to let them report any claim, upload images, and observe the status of a claim.

What are the prices offered by USAA? 

Offering the online quotes and other on-the-phone services are what USAA would do in case you’re interested. However, remember that you need to login to your portal so that you can get the exact quotes. Doing so could make it a bit challenging yet still secure when it can avoid showing the quotes to the ones who are not eligible for their services.

Due to the highly specific market for USAA company, they won’t have the intention to be present in some comparisons websites, and if it’s not for their promotional presence lately, then every non-military client can’t know that they existed. Quite like other insurance companies, USAA declares savings, about $434 annually the one switching.

Similar to the other insurers, it’s best to keep in mind that you must take this figure with a grain of salt, especially when it just has the ones who switched and doesn’t consider anyone who didn’t feel pleased with that number and then decided to stay with another firm.

So how much does its auto insurance cost? USAA provides about three different tiers of its coverage which can be chosen among Basic, Standard, and Expanded. To have an exact scope, here is the essential information we included here as it comes to requesting any quote:
  • Honda Civic in 2009
  • Lying in the Northeast region
  • 75,000 miles 
  • Two drivers with their clean driving records
As being said, USAA indeed owns a good reputation for delivering the most reasonable car insurance rates as well as a great roundup of discounts that can help lower the rates.

How is USAA’s advertising?

Not surprisingly, all of the USAA’s promotional works are aimed at military personnel and their own families. Besides, the company bases on their unique approach to selling its products and other popular themes as a gratitude to the military for the service as well as pride in catering for them in return.

The company involved in sponsorship in which you easily encounter their name as the sponsor on a huge list of military groups, which keeps going with the company’s market and targets. USAA auto insurance company agrees to the request for any donation via the website, which is something not seen very often.

As a straightforward marketing firm since its beginning, USAA has depended on several direct promotion campaigns, and never forgotten its presence in TVs and radio advertisement in the most recent years. Its advertisement pieces are more noticeable than they used to be about ten years ago, but only the messages have never changed.

Luckily, as a result, the company has witnessed a remarkable growth for their business. And lately, USAA company has worked toward their target of narrowing the list of eligible members, which can lower their client base a little bit.

Does USAA make a good choice?

The company must climb to the top of the list in case your military status, your parents’ status qualifies you to get the policy. USAA will offer the full package as it comes to the affordable rates and big service, not to mention how it achieves a lot of awards and high rankings from Consumer Reports as well as gains the big reputation in the insurance industry.


USAA auto insurance deserves to be your consideration this year, especially as it’s quite handy whenever you’re trying to seek to cover your insurance together with some other services. They can be savings account, asset coverage, and loans. And with USAA’s wide range of products, they can satisfy all of your insurance needs as well as enable you to keep things under one roof only. This, if you truly meet their requirements, the company is worth your consideration.

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