Auto Insurance Rates - How To Find Cheap Premiums For Young Men?

Do young males have to pay higher auto insurance rates than females? Is there any possible explanation for this? How to find the cheaper ones? Let’s work it out!

Young male driver is stated to be the number one reason for all vehicles accidents in the United States. For this reasons, there’s a fixed tendency that the auto insurance rates become higher and higher out of every gender and age group. As a result, if you’re a young male living in America, it’s probably hard to find auto insurance available at such an affordable price. But don’t stress you out since we’ve got some tips for you right away to help you move along the way for the cheapest yet decent auto insurance rates for young males.

Do young males have to pay more?

In all states of the country, it’s possible to see men often paying higher auto insurance rates than women do. It’s because those females tend to drive safer than males, and most of them appear more careful and attentive in every corner of the road. Driving slower and being less reckless is what we usually see in women.

Besides, they never suffer any severe infraction during the drive; consequently, fatal accidents are rarely caused. More importantly, females always drive less than males, putting them at a much lower risk of getting any auto accident.

For young males, they’re easily distracted partially due to their lack of experience on the road. With any distraction appearing in the form of behaving badly towards their friends in the vehicle, from texting messages, listening to loud music, to chatting on their cellphones. With these easy-to-understand reasons, young males are more likely to encounter accidents than their mature counterparts or female drivers.

Apparently, all young drivers are easy to get into auto accidents than the older counterparts. This is why every insurance business adds all young males into the group of drivers that have to pay the highest or the most for auto insurance. As we seem being both young and men are the two most popular reasons that are prone to this situation. However, fortunately, for males, despites all these defects, there are still a few good other ways of offering cheap auto insurance.

What is an average cheap auto insurance rate for a young male?

If you’re an 18 year-old driver, you will become annoyed by the costly car insurance that you’ve just been gaining. While the true cost of the auto insurance policy is actually based on a wide variety of elements, you will find it hard to get coverage for less than $100 for each month. If you’re an 18 year-old man, then you’re likely to display a remarkably statistical risk.

Men are more likely to suffer more accidents than women.
Though you might choose a policy that provides poor coverage and an exceedingly high deductible, let’s expect to make payment at $1,200 annually for the scheme. As long as you try to dodge obtain any traffic citation, the auto rates should kick off dropping after you turn 20 years old. In reality, you could pay as little as only $50 for each month by the time you turn 25 years old.

In fact, your auto insurance rate costs more than $100 for each month, so when choosing a policy that provides strong coverages, then it’s easy to understand why you should pay as much as $350 per month. Though such a policy will give you high protection in the event you encounter in a severe accident; it’s probably proven to be out of the financial reach.

When you’re an 18 year-old boy, then you could save a lot of money by sticking to the insurance policy of your parents. In case that you would like to buy your vehicle, it’s suggested that you have to ensure that your father or mother must maintain its title. If it’s done this way, you have a chance to receive the cheap insurance coverage on it. This is said to use the parents’ available umbrella policy.

Though you might love to get the name listed as one of the automobile’s occasional drivers, this won’t influence the price of the policy to a certain degree. But your parents will be the one responsible for damages caused by you to that automobile. If getting involved in a specific accident, the insurance firm of your parents will surely increase the rates by 25% or more than that.

How to get cheap auto insurance rates as a male?

You’ve got a great number of ways that young males can save on the auto insurance coverage. Just browse through some of them now:
  • If you have great marks in school, you’re able to let the insurance officer know about those grades and then ear discounts. Every insurance company will offer you a discount of more than 20% if you’ve reached GPA over 3.0.
  • If you purchase a safe, trustworthy, but not too costly one, you need to take advantage of lower insurance rates. Note that a huge part of the insurance premiums here depend on mostly by the automobile you drive. In other words, the cheaper your vehicle is to insure, the cheaper your auto insurance rates would be.
  • If you get your insurance from the similar firm as your parents, it’s possible for you to save at least 10% on the general auto rates. Besides, by joining the same policy as them, you get a chance to lock yourself into a family scheme, which will cut back on the insurance cost remarkably.
  • If you drive the vehicle less often than the usual, you might like to pay less for insurance without a doubt. The less amount of time spent on the street, the less likely you are to have an auto accident. This tells us that you need to pick up the public transportation, walk, or ride as often as you can. 
  • Are you taking a driving safety course and let the insurer know about this? You’re eligible for all insurance savings. And the insurance forms would like to learn that you’re skilled on the rules of the street so that they can provide you with rate cuts, especially the ones who sign up in a safe driving course.

We hope that you’ll find it useful to learn how to reduce your auto insurance rates by some means. If you haven’t bought a vehicle, how about purchasing a used one with a security system and low resale value of your car? These actions will help decrease the yearly insurance costs for your vehicle effectively.

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