American Family Auto Insurance Review 2018: Is It A Good Choice?

Like many other successful insurance companies, American Family Auto Insurance achieves a high recommendation rate as it serves customers in 19 States.

Out of different auto insurance agencies out there, American Family Auto Insurance is the country’s ninth-biggest seller who delivers a wide range of vehicle coverage types. Also, it offers a few extra options, such as gap insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and more. So if you want all of the protection to stay under one roof only, from life, home, business, health, to retirement products, American Family Auto Insurance will be your best choice to make!

Here, there are some important things we need to discuss now today so that you would know more about the company, and have a good way to get in touch with them directly whenever you want.

Most common products of American Family Auto Insurance 

By selling its auto insurance items via a certain network of 3,500 agents, American Family ensures you to get a wide variety of benefits and even insurance discounts. Feel free to buy your bodily injury liability, asset damage liability, medical expense insurance, and injury protection. As for the quotes, you can select to get them online, or simply go to the local offices for further information.

As mentioned above, American Family provides us with a standard suite of its auto insurance coverage plus a few extra choices, such as:

Teen Safe Driver program 

If you’ve got a teen driver going with you, this program will suit you and enables you to view your own teen’s driving habits. The auto insurance company can’t see that driving for sure, and this is usually done by the in-car tech known as drive-cam. The driving coach can give you some great tips for further improvement depending on your driving habits. Also, you, as a teenager driver won’t be charged for enrolling the program.

Homeowners Insurance Program

This is offered by American Family, consisting of asset and liability protection with additional coverage choices for any home-based business, identity theft protection, sewer backup, and more.

As for the sewer backup, the program is important for those who might not realize that they’re responsible for the repair of the house, the underground pipeline for carrying off any drainage water and waste. How about the identity theft? It’s about paying for costs linked to restoring your finances in case you’re a victim of identity theft!

Renters Insurance 

This means covering all of the belongings or valuables you own. Getting this type of insurance from American auto insurance for your stuff would lower your worry a bit here. If you own a car, it’s possible to save money just by having the renters and auto insurance with the State Farm. And you can freely add extra coverage for something like travel insurance, pet insurance, and your home-based business.

Life Insurance 

All of the life insurance policies provided by American Family here have a wide range of whole life (children and senior) and term life (protected items) policies. Well, this whole life type usually delivers the savings part known as “cash value” plus the life-long protection.

Business Insurance  

This coverage type is mostly available for every apartment owner, contractor, office, auto service, repairing store, and more. Besides, this coverage option has: building coverage, business auto, rental asset, contractor insurance, employee coverage, etc.

Then what’s else? Let’s talk about the Ridesharing insurance offered by the company as well. This is just available for all clients who often drive for services like Uber for example, but not in all States. It’s possibly added to your auto policy and fill the gap insurance while you’re waiting for your clients.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

It can be customized and usually delivering dwelling coverage, fair rental value, personal property coverage, and extra living expenses. When it comes to the extra premium, just add the farm income, equipment breakdown coverage, or replacement cost for the irrigation systems. The more you’re aware of ranch insurance, the better options you’ll have for the whole operations.

As we know, a standard ranch insurance policy usually covers your asset and offers a few liability coverage for your house and other ranch performances. In overall, you’re given four different areas of protection:
  • Home and contents against loss or damage, such as the separated garages and buildings
  • Ranch personal property
  • Ranch structures
  • Liability protection

Customer service and relevant awards 

Following one customer survey of the, it’s about 86% of the American Family auto policyholders intend to renew their coverage. Besides, the company was rated ‘excellent’ in the field of the claim process, not to mention its A+ rating that is given by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Then how does the company do in the customer service, claims, and general customer satisfaction? Well, it’s rated quite well, even getting the awards for the community service. It can receive the Gold award for the Wellness Council of America for the effective approach to the officer health. Not only that, but the company was also awarded another bronze metal for assisting to boost the cycle safety in Madison.

Insurance quotes from American Family Auto Company

Getting quotes online from American Family Insurance company is quite easy for any auto insurance product. Pretty much like the quote tool, you need to enter the zip code to kick off. However, different from that tool, you will just achieve a quote right from the Insurance, and you need to provide your personal information, from phone, email, to social security number and more for achieving a quote.

Once you use this free quote tool, you will get to access these quotes from different companies in just one single place. Besides, you probably don’t see American Family Insurance as one of the options since they probably don’t offer a competitive cost for any auto insurance service you want in the area.

Pros and Cons of American Family Auto Company

Pros :

+ Brilliant customer service and claims record
+ Appealing features, special offers, benefits like teen safe driver program


+ Auto insurance is merely available in 19 States
+ The site is a bit hard to navigate if you try hard to find the explanations for further benefits or get an auto insurance quote
+ You should type a VIN for a car insurance quote. This material allows the company to deliver a more precise quote, a few people might feel unsatisfied when sharing this information online, or probably not having the VIN yet if they only shop for one vehicle.


Just another strong company in our survey this time, American Family Auto Insurance finds no difficulty in getting 4.5 stars by its customers’ reviews. Also, the company is known as the 9th-biggest auto insurer in the United States and specializing in insurance policies in all 19 States.

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