How to get Anonymous Auto Insurance Quotes

Shopping around for auto insurance quotes for your car but worry about the amount of personal information you must give out? Here we will show you how to go anonymous.

Shopping around for several car insurance policies is becoming more and more common to make sure that one gets the most suitable and affordable deal. However, in the process, one may realize and then get frustrated by the fact that he or she must give away too much personal information to too many providers to gather enough data on auto insurance quotes. There is a way around this problem and we will share it right down below:

What insurers need

It is impossible to go completely anonymous when it comes to getting auto insurance quotes. Since premiums vary according to some factors, a certain degree of personal information exposition is required in order to get the most accurate quotes. However, knowing exactly what the providers need and give them nothing more will make sure you do not give away too much.

Here is the list of unavoidable information to provide:
  • Your zip code: Insurers believe that the risk of living in some areas is higher than others, so they need your zip code to determine how likely you will get into a road traffic accident or get your car stolen.
  • Your age: How long you have spent behind the wheel is an important factor to decide on your quotes. Teenagers and people under 25 are considered more likely to be involved in accidents because of experience lacking. 
  • Your gender: This might seem irrelevant but it will make sense once you understand the logic behind it. Insurers believe that women between 16 and 25 years old are less likely to cause accidents than men with the equivalent background; there is not so much difference between men and women at the age of 25 to 65; however, for 65 years old, women are more likely to get involved in accidents than men. 
Some information that you can leave out: 
  • Educational level: Insurers have their reasons to believe that less educated drivers have a higher risk than others and should pay more for the insurance premium. A study by Consumer Federation of America has shown that college graduates often spend somewhere in between 12% to 45% less than people who do not have such degrees on auto insurance premium. 
  • A number of people living in the same household with you: The idea of insurers demanding information about other members of your household might seem offending at first, but if you know why they insist on knowing it, you may find it acceptable. In most cases, you might not be the only driver of the car, your daughters, sons, girlfriend or boyfriend can get access to the car too. However, feel free to not answer these questions if you think it is none of the insurers’ business. The risk is that your coverage might be canceled for not providing enough information.
  • When your vehicle was purchased: this information can reflect your experience on the road and help determine whether you can get a cheap premium. 
  • Some information about the vehicle: Insurers will demand this information form you to calculate the risk of the car. Some factors they might consider are anti-theft measures, the price of the car, how easy it is the find replacing parts, and the car’s horsepower.
  • Your driving record: Being a reckless driver is the best way to a skyrocketing premium and insurers would like to know how careful you are on the road to determine your quotes. It is no use hiding such information because they will find out sooner or later. 
Before you even decide on what to give and what not to give, it is essential that you know your state requirements. To find out about this, browse your state’s official website and you will have a list of what you need to be legally insured.

What insurers do not need

The more information you put in, the more accurate the auto insurance quote you will get. However, there is an ugly truth that many have experienced and it goes like this: once you give away some sensitive information such as your full name, your email address or your phone number, many insurers will keep contacting you to talk you into a policy, even if you do not have the intention to buy from them.

So the advice here is to stick to the essential and leave out all others (if you can bear the risk). Some insurers might offer you free quotes in exchange for your contact information. Be a wise shopper and take caution against that kind of free stuff.

How to get an accurate estimate for your auto insurance quotes

There are two ways to get the quotes you want:
  • Browsing the insurers’ websites: First, you should gather a list of potential providers that you would like to sign up with. Then go to their websites to find what you need. Most car insurance companies these days have auto tools on their webs to assist you. So all you need to do is to put in some information and let the machine does its job. 
  • Use a comparison tool: The above method is enough to do the trick but it can be time-consuming especially if your list has more than two providers. But do not worry, online quote comparison tools are available for those who are in short of time and patient to do every step of the process. 

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